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        Fujian Aomron Biological Engineering Co., Ltd (Aomron Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Before), located at High-Tech zone,Longzhou Industrial Park,Fujian Province, was founded in May 2009,registered capital of 13 million yuan,covers an area of 33,300 m2,the total investment of the project is 101 million yuan,as a modern animal health care enterprise which concentrated product development, production, sales and testing. 

        The development plan of Aomron is to create large-scale green animal health care products production base,currently owned six production lines of final sterilization small capacity injections,final sterilization large capacity non-intravenous injections, powder, pulvis,premix, feed additive (Bacillus subtilis, solid fermented lactic acid bacteria).We passed the National Ministry of Agriculture GMP acceptance only one time in August 2010, and in July 2015 with high scores through the Provincial Department of Agriculture GMP re-examination. 

        Aomron adhering to the "integrity, enthusiasm, innovation and win-win" spirit of enterprise to create "Aomron" brand, adhere to the development of innovation. Both internally and externally, both outside continue to expand the market and do a good job of internal management. With the development of enterprises to improve the operating procedures to improve operational procedures, and constantly improve the rules and regulations, focus on talent mining and training, the introduction of university personnel, the company has Huazhong Agricultural University, Southwest University, Jiangxi Agricultural University and other well-known university doctorate 2, animal nutrition 3, professional and technical personnel and large, secondary education to 41, has a wealth of research and development, production and quality management experience

        In order to build Aomron Company into an excellent animal health care enterprise with domestic competitive strength, the company has established a cooperative relationship with Jilin University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fujian Normal University, Longyan University and other famous universities, and established a "municipal enterprise Technology Center "," Institute of Microbial Preparation ", "Institute of pharmaceutical preparations" , " Fujian Livestock and Poultry Compound Microecological Preparation Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center "and other scientific research institutions for the introduction of high-end talent in the future, technical team building, product development, innovation ability Laid a good foundation.

       Aomron company to build into a technologically advanced, reliable, reputable dynamic  animal health care business, with the combination of soft and hardware strength, the company is equipped with advanced production equipment and testing equipment, such as high performance liquid chromatography, atomic Absorption spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometer, UV-visible spectrophotometer, the core raw products of the most competitive use of international brands, the production of new international preparation technology, and in strict accordance with the GMP standards for production and management to ensure that the products Safe, efficient, low toxicity, low residue.

      At present, the company mainly produces pig medicine, poultry medicine, feed additives, product innovation, open up the characteristics, special effects, professional road, especially the sow series of products in the animal health care companies all the way leading, effort to build well-known sows Series of products - Suchankang (patent number: ZL 2013 1 0304737.8), Mubaokang(patent number: ZL 2013 1 0304693.9), Gongyan Baibingxiao, Mu yijian, Jinli Vitamin , Amitaino, etc., access to many farming enterprises praise and height Recognition, which Mu Bao Kang products also won the national invention patents.

        Since the establishment of the company since 2009, the scale of enterprises from small to large, the overall business performance of the company a steady increase every year, has embarked on a healthy and efficient development of fast lane. By the end of 2015, the company already has an invention patent and seven utility model patents, for five consecutive years by the Longyan Municipal People's Government awarded the "agricultural industrialization of municipal leading enterprises" in 2012 by the Fujian Provincial Department of Agriculture as "Fujian farmers Animal husbandry industry in Fujian Province in 2013 by the five ministries and commissions identified as "innovative pilot enterprises in Fujian Province" in 2014 by the Provincial Science and Technology Agency identified as "scientific and technological enterprises in Fujian Province", the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau Identified as "well-known trademarks in Fujian enterprises", "Longyan City well-known trademark enterprises," and become the first batch of veterinary drug two-dimensional trace system pilot enterprises.

        The company's growth can not be separated from the community's concern and support of friends, but also inseparable from the joint efforts of all Aomron people. Aomron in the future development of the road, will continue with Thanksgiving heart, research and development to produce more high quality and efficient high-tech green products, together with high-quality, comprehensive technical services to contribute to the community, for our livestock industry Development and prosperity to make a humble effort, to build the Chinese people's own animal health care brand strength.