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    The company was invited to participate in the 8th Cross-Strait Machinery Industry Expo

    Author:Aomron   Time:2017-11-13   Hits:865

        On November 8, 2017, the 8th Cross-Strait Machinery Industry Expo and the 10th China Longyan Investment Project Fair sponsored by the China Federation of Machinery Industry opened in Longyan. As a high-quality enterprise representative of the local sports protection industry, our company was invited to participate in the exhibition.

        The theme of the conference was "Cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait to promote win-win development". The eight exhibition areas of industrial development, engineering and environmental sanitation machinery, civil-military integration and emergency equipment, special vehicles, smart manufacturing, accessories, Taiwanese machinery, and comprehensive industries were set up to attract More than 300 companies from home and abroad participated in the exhibition.

        The company exhibited in the Xinluo District venue: Mizhai Kang, Muyuankang, Aperience Health, Jin Liwei It, Bekaume, Gonggan Kang, ciprofloxacin lactate injection and other hot products, Microbial Research Center Zou Liu Director The site explained the customers and friends who came to visit. Everyone had a keen interest in the company's mainstream products and microbial preparation products and gave a high degree of evaluation.