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    Aomron's 2017 Annual Sales Summary Meeting

    Author:Aomron   Time:2017-12-23   Hits:916

        On December 20-22, 2017, the company ushered in the year-end sales summary meeting this year. Sales elites from Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Guangdong, Henan, Hebei, Hunan and Hubei provinces and their sales teams attended the conference.

    Lin Zhenyan, Chairman

        In the face of the current severe industrial situation, in order to better adapt to the market environment, Chairman Lin Zhenyan gave the sales elites a comprehensive analysis of the current situation facing the breeding industry, and clarified the company’s overall sales strategy, goals and major tasks in 2018. After a drastic change in the breeding structure, the sales elites should not forget the initial intentions, build a team with fighting strength, continuously expand sales channels, innovate sales models, and create new situations.

    Zou Liu Director

        Zou Liu, Director of the Microbial Research and Development Center, and the sales elite shared the "Probiotics" course - Director Zou vividly elaborated on the mechanism of probiotics in the intestine and its probiotic effect on livestock and poultry, giving everyone a deeper understanding of the company's micro The functional effects of ecological products.

    Technical Director Guo Jinquan

        The Director of the Technical Department Guo Jinquan conducted training on "The Company's Advantageous Product Use Technology". The goal was to enable all regional managers to understand the advantages of the company's products in all directions, and to highlight the technical difficulties of the core products, and to provide powerful incentives to all regional managers to develop the market. The technical support, training in simple language, brilliant, won numerous applause.

    Wang Honglian, Manager of Finance Department

        Wang Honglian, Manager of the Finance Department, trained sales elites in training on invoice management and product return policy.

        The regional managers of each province summarized the sales work in 2017 and made targeted sharing of successful and failed sales cases in the sales process through PPT. One by one vivid case of actual combat, a sentence from the heart of the exclamation and experience summary, can always win a resonance and learning, discussion. This sharing session was well received by the regional managers and they all expressed that they will continue to use their respective strengths, improve the previous deficiencies, enhance themselves, tap potentials, and go all out to achieve the annual goal.

        Consolidate new consensus and share new opportunities. 2018, let us work together better, go all out, overcome difficulties, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the set goals, bravely climb the peak and create success!