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    Aomron Bioengineering 2017 Annual Finals and Commendation Conference

    Author:Aomron   Time:2018-02-09   Hits:814

        This morning, all employees of the company held the 2017 annual summary and commendation conference in the multifunctional hall on the fourth floor. This meeting commended a group of outstanding talents who have made outstanding contributions in their work.

    >>>Leader's speech<<<

    Lin Zhenyan, Chairman

        Here, Chairman Lin Zhenyan expresses deep gratitude to all hard-working and diligent staff! I wish you all the best in the new year, bringing peace, good health, and a healthy family.

     Zhang Haochao Executive Vice President 

        2017 was a year of transformation and upgrading of the company. With the joint efforts of all employees, Aolong adhered to the business philosophy of “Technology Innovation, Quality First, and Customer First” and fully utilized its internal advantages to achieve the company’s economic development. Steady and effective development. These delightful and exciting results prove that the company’s strategy is clear, its positioning is accurate, and its decision-making is correct. Through these achievements, we have seen a full of vigor and vitality. Here, thanks to the unremitting efforts of all Aormnon people in the past year!

    Excellent manager


    Lian Qiang: Joined the company in August 2010 as the quality manager, standardized the production according to the quality requirements, assigned the quality officer to track the production quality, put forward the quality requirements in a timely manner, presented his own unique insights from the management aspect, and actively carried out the training for the department employees. It promotes autonomous and spontaneous learning and regularly conducts GMP knowledge exchange and learning, thereby improving the overall business level of the Quality Department.

    Excellent staff

    Zeng Wenjian: Microbiology research and development laboratory technician, entered the service in May 2016. He handled the work rigorously, carefully, and conscientiously and completed the inspection work in a timely manner to ensure that the experimental data is reliable and reliable.
    Wu Jian: The production operator, who joined the company in December 2015, has a solid, conscientious, diligent, and practical team. He is good at cooperation, and he can adjust working methods and correct attitude at any time according to his work needs.
    Wu Shuliu: Accountant, work seriously and responsible, treat people warmly, get along well with colleagues, and actively participate in various activities of the company. In her work, she not only does her work better, but also actively assists in the work of other positions.

    Excellent newcomer

    Lin Xionghuo: In February 2017, he was employed as an administrative driver. He was diligent and diligent in his job. He was responsible for his job. He also took the factory as his home and did not care about personal gains and losses to ensure the company's property safety.

    Post Innovation Award

    Mechanical repair team: work hard in their respective positions, earnestly do a good job in everything, play an innovative role in the employees, play a role in teamwork, improve production efficiency, and promote production safety in an orderly manner.

    Special Contribution Award

    Zhong Youfa: Joined the office in October 2016 as a landscaping administrator. He is honest, hard-working and generous. He is meticulous in his work and actively works hard. Under the scorching sun, he is watering; in the cold, he is weeding and he never cares about it. Personal gains and losses.

    Advanced collective

    Quality Department: Quality is the life chain of the company's survival and development. Quality management is the top priority of the company's management. Increasing product quality has become an effective means to improve the competitiveness of the company's products. The Quality Department has always been striving to improve the overall quality awareness of employees and upgrade their skills. New breakthroughs have been made in the innovation of quality management methods, the formulation of quality management systems, the implementation of systems, and the evaluation of quality management, and have fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength of the Quality Department.

        The success of yesterday brought us today's joy. Today's efforts are a sign of tomorrow's glory. Aumron's partners let us unite as one, redouble our efforts, and strive to achieve Aomron's grand blueprint.

        In the end, Chairman Lin Zhenyan and all staff wished the people of the whole country a happy new year, happy family and all the best!