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    Product manual

    【Product Name】 Common name: Mixed feed additive compound microbial preparation

    Product Code: HT01

    Product Name: Muzikang

    【Ingredients】 Methionine, arginine, histidine, lysine, threonine, Bacillus subtilis, Enterococcus faecalis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, carrier rice husk powder

    【Product component analysis guarantee value】

    【Product Features】

    1.to promote sow postpartum rehabilitation, mediate sow physiological function, the rapid recovery of sow appetite, improve sow lactation, improve milk quality, to piglets to provide safe, high quality, enough milk;
    2. a comprehensive increase in piglets birth weight, weaning weight, health, reduce diarrhea rate and mortality.
    【Use time and usage dosage】
    Sows 5 days before delivery to the end of lactation, every 500 kg of feed to add this product 2.5kg, every 500 kilograms of feed can be invested less 2.5 kg of soybean meal, the goods non-toxic, no drug residue, do not damage liver and kidney function, Long-term use to take.
    【Note】 1.the product slightly change the color or a slight agglomeration does not affect the efficacy;
    2. the goods open the bag as soon as possible after use.
    【Net content】 2.5kg 
    【Storage】 sealed, dry, cool and ventilated place.